What distinguishes a party planner from an event planner?2023-10-10T09:42:40+00:00

There are differences between the terms “party planner” and “event planner,” despite some people using them interchangeably. A party planner handles the social components of the event, while an event planner frequently plans and executes the event.

What do I demand from a party planner?2023-10-10T09:34:36+00:00

All corporate events in Dublin should be coordinated by the party planner. They make sure everything runs properly, including selecting locations, hiring caterers, and booking artists.

What services do you offer?2023-10-10T09:32:37+00:00

We supply a large number of services for anybody looking to plan an event or party in a venue, their office or indeed at home.  As every event is different and requires different services, we quote for what is needed only.  For example, some clients have their own caterer but are struggling to source all other aspects of their event, so we will work on a quote, based only on what is required.  In most cases, people work with us as they do not have the time or wherewithal to organise and manage their event so, we not only arrange everything that is needed from the catering, decorations, entertainment, lighting and staffing but we are there to offer expert advice and support to those who require some hand holding.

Can you work with small budgets?2023-03-06T08:10:57+00:00

We work with small, medium and large budgets and are completely committed to arranging your event or party within your allocated budget. We understand that not all events are the same nor are budgets so we are used to working on a range of budgets.

How early do we need to start planning an event?2023-03-06T08:35:46+00:00

Ideally the more time that you give yourself to plan an event, the better. In saying this, we are often tasked with last minute events and parties and have always been able to deliver.  Important things to consider are key dates around Christmas (December), Communion season (May) and the Ploughing Championship (September) when it is very challenging to secure a marquee.

What deposit do you require and when is the balance due?2023-03-06T08:12:22+00:00

To secure your event or party with us, we require a 30% deposit and the balance due the week of the event.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?2023-03-06T08:12:55+00:00

If you need to postpone your event, we require 7 days’ notice to move all of your event details to another date, free of charge. If you need to postpone your event within a 7-day period of the event,  will contact all suppliers to see if they can move the event to another date without losing money.  If you need to cancel your event, without it being an occurrence of Force Majeure, your 30% deposit will be lost but can be moved to another date.  In the event of an epidemic or pandemic, all deposits will be refunded if social events cannot go ahead under government guidelines or advise.

Do I need an event planner?2023-03-06T08:13:42+00:00

This very much depends on how many elements you are booking for your party. If there are only one of two elements, you may not require this service, however if you are moving into an area which involves food, staff, games, entertainment etc, we would highly recommend booking an event manager. An experienced event manager saves you time and money. We will supply reputable suppliers and vendors, negotiate the best rates, terms, and conditions on your behalf, and coordinate all aspects of your event. Using an event planner takes away stress and worry and gives you peace of mind to enjoy your event.

Do you offer packages?2023-03-06T08:14:18+00:00

As no two events are the same, we create bespoke events to cater for your exacting requirements. We have found in the past, that packages usually consisted of one thing or another that our clients didn’t require, which ends up being an unnecessary spend for the client.

What factors do you consider when choosing a venue?2023-03-06T08:22:17+00:00

Again, much like packages, we tailor our venue search criteria based on your requirements and budget. We consider the size and capacity of venue needed for the number of guests, facilities provided, parking, technical needs and budget constraints.

How do you select your event vendors/suppliers?2023-03-06T08:32:35+00:00

The most important factors when choosing our vendors/suppliers is their professionalism, efficiency and finally cost.

Do I have to go through your vendors if I hire you as my event planner/designer?2023-03-06T08:32:51+00:00

Not necessarily, however we have worked tirelessly to build those partnerships, and we can guarantee the level of service offered by the vendors we recommend. We are, however, more than willing to collaborate with any vendors you choose.

Can you cope with last minute changes of plan or emergency situations?2023-03-06T08:33:01+00:00

We have extensive experience in dealing with the unexpected. We build in contingency measures for all our events and are constantly formulating plans to cope with emergency situations. Rest assured your event is always in the most capable hands.

How often will we meet if you manage our wedding or party?2023-03-06T08:33:10+00:00

We can determine this at our initial first meeting. We will build a schedule based on what you want your event to be like. We’ll come up with an estimation for the total number of gatherings / zoom calls we feel are necessary for your particular event.

Do you provide last minute event management services?2023-03-06T08:33:30+00:00

Yes, is the simple answer. We are entirely comfortable functioning in a high-stress, last-minute environment, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to organise a last-minute event. We’ll let you know if it’s not practical, but our motto is that “the word impossible itself, states I’m-Possible”

Do you have different and versatile catering options?2023-03-06T08:33:38+00:00

We pride ourselves on our wide range of culinary offerings. From formal sit-down meals to informal grazing tables, from canapes to pig on a spit, from European to Moroccan cuisine, the possibilities are endless.

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