Why hire an event manager for your next private / corporate event?

Why an event manager is right for your next private and corporate event

Below we put forward some reasons why an event manager is probably a good option for your next event. All events big and small take time and require a lot of preparation in order to run smoothly and without hiccup. Let us give out reasons why we think an event manager is for you.

Time constraints hinder event preparation

So much of our client base come in from people who completely lack the time to organise an event or party. They know what they want but they don’t have the time to pull it all together. Organising an event is a time consuming and sometimes thankless job, that is if you are part of a team in the office who has been designated to come up with the ideas, source the best prices and make sure that it all goes off without a hitch on the night. On the other hand, you could be a busy significant other to someone who has just remembered that it’s your other half’s milestone birthday coming up and simply a dinner for two at your favourite restaurant, just won’t cut the mustard this year, but hold on, you work full time and weekends are taken up helping with the things that never cease, like looking after the kids, mowing the lawn etc and of course finding the perfect gift for this special event. A professional event management company will understand all of these constraints and work with you, even if it is outside of office hours to figure out the best way to deliver a superb event so your guests notice the time and effort that has gone into this from you.

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Lack of experience can really kill the event

As we organise for both corporate and private events, sometimes, even in both sectors, this can be a real issue for some people. When you call in the Professionals to help you, you are not just getting someone to make the telephone calls that you don’t have the time to make, we see things in this order: Is it safe? Will it work? What is the plan B if it doesn’t work? Will it look good? Without having the trained eye of an event manager look after your event, most people organising an event start and end with the last question, will it look good? For us, it goes a little deeper than that and by using our services, we share our expertise and knowledge with you, making sure that yes, it looks amazing for your guests but most of all it is safe, well thought out and always have a plan B in place if its needed.

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Budgets to suit all events – private, corporate and public

To get the most out of your budget, don’t be afraid to share how much you want to spend on your event as this helps get the best deals from suppliers. We know and understand that every client is looking for the best value as well as professionalism for any event so when we are told how much you want to spend, we then know how to make it happen for you. If you are working on a smaller budget, we can advise you on how to utilise this budget in the best possible way but its always good to know this in advance before deciding to use n event organiser.

Whilst most corporate clients will have a budget allocated especially for an event, a private party is a little bit harder to decide on what you want to spend but once we know how much you want to spend, we know where to start looking. There are hundreds of reputable suppliers in Ireland and knowing your needs, wants and desires along with a budget allows us to start the search for you without going over budget. Having the added advantage of working with suppliers a lot, we tend to get the best deals thus saving you money in the long run. If you call up a supplier, they see you as a once off client and therefore it’s difficult to negotiate a better rate.

We’ve lots of different event management packages to choose from. See if one suits your budget here.

Perfect timing and smooth logistics create the perfect flow to your event

As event managers and having experience in well executed events, we know how quickly an event can lose its momentum if the drinks are not ready on arrival, the food comes out too late or the speeches go on too long, not to mention other logistical issues on the night. We are there to make sure that all staff involved in the event are well briefed in advance of the event and everyone has an important role to play in making sure that the agreed timings of the event are adhered too. Have you ever been to a party where you feel that you are waiting for something to happen but its not happening? This is usually because something was supposed to happen but no one is managing the timings of the event. Every ship needs a captain and an event manager is just that, the captain to oversee and make sure that all elements of the event are being managed properly.

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Parties are to enjoy, not to run around and worry

So you have paid for the event, liaised with you event manager on all aspects of the event and it’s the event day itself. Don’t you want to just enjoy the event as a guest and know that everything is in place for the event without having to be further involved? Having an event manager allows you to be a guest and enjoy the party and see all of the ideas come to fruition. We always ask our clients to enjoy the event as a guest would, knowing that everything is under control, that’s why you hire us to look after everything for you after all!

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