Post Covid-19 Parties


Effectively, we are still battling the Coronavirus however the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine through. We can only assume this as we survey each day the number of new cases of this silent and menacing disease. Menacing it is, due to its invisibility and ability to be passed on from person to person without warning, slight symptoms, or any symptoms at all. This is the most
alarming factor of the disease and the reason why, for almost 3 months now, we have been asked and urged to stay at home without spreading the disease on to the most vulnerable, namely the elderly, the sick or people who suffer from any underlying diseases such as diabetes or even people who have a higher than average BMI.

So, what does this mean for the future of parties and events? We can but only speculate and keep ourselves up to speed with the news and advice being given to us but taking all into consideration, things will gradually come back to normal, normal being shaking hands with people, talking face to face to people and socially integrating ourselves back to the way we were before.

The Irish people are world-renowned social people of warmth and character. We are tactile and thrive off the company of others so coming out of lockdown and being given the authorisation to simply be us again is at the forefront of the nation.

Here at the Party Professionals, we are also very eager to see everybody again, doing what we do best, socialising and enjoying life to the full. However, as the 5-phase rollout continues, we predict a slow entry back into normality with people remaining cautious at the start. Don’t forget, since March, we have been programmed very differently and for longer than 30 days (which is the amount of time that it takes to make or break a habit) so just going back to normal isn’t going to happen overnight. Whilst we are not going to tell you how best to do your salutations with your guests, we can offer advice on a few things which may help you in having an event at home and will certainly make your guests more comfortable.

  • If going with a marquee, go slightly bigger to give the marquee a more breathable feel. Nobody will be ready to be feeling cramped at an event for months to come.

  • If possible (weather depending), keep the marquee walls up for day giving a breathable feeling to the event. When the temperatures drop, so can the walls of the marquee!

  • Optional face masks to be offered to guests. Most people will not want them however, it will make them feel from the offset that you have though about it and already will give them a feeling of reassurance from their arrival.

  • Hand sanitisers should be placed throughout areas of the house/marquee. We feel that this is part of the future as most people will carry this on their person but again, it’s good to show your guests that this has been thought of.

  • For catering, we recommend looking at an option that can be served in disposable/eco-friendly bowls and plates. Canapes would be another good option where there is not a huge amount of catering equipment, delph or cutlery to contend with. Keep it clean and simply and have plenty of places to throw rubbish away, quickly and easily. A messy event or party looks awful and in the current climate will look unacceptable.

  • Consider using disposable glassware instead of glass.

  • If you are deciding on a dancefloor or dancing area, make sure that it gives ample space for people, again like the marquee, go a little bigger than usual so that people can enjoy it without feeling the guilt of being too close to people.

  • If using portaloos, these should always have ample products available for people to keep these clean and sanitised.

  • Avoid the individual portaloos as they do not have a wash basin facility.

If you want advise or would like to discuss this further with us, please feel free to call on 01 4370667 or email us on and we will advise you and guide you through the process of hosting your next party. Covid-19 or not, we will help in making sure it’s a wonderful event to remember.