New Year’s Eve Parties Do’s and Don’ts

NYE Party Advice

If you are in any doubt of whether to throw a NYE party or not, rest assured that out of all the days of the year, this is a great day to choose. People love to be a guest at a party on New Year’s Eve because it’s the one night of the year that they are willing to sacrifice the busy queues in bars, lack of seating in venues and let’s not even discuss the subject of getting home.

Once you have reached a certain age, 30+, none of this seems like a whole lot of fun. With a party, be it in someone’s home or a chosen venue, the night tends to be well organised, fun and without the usual pitfalls of a night on the town. You get to mingle with the people that you choose to mingle with and generally avoid trouble in over-crowded bars and clubs. Here is clear list of the Do’s and Don’ts to embrace and avoid for your next New Year Eve’s party…


Our NYE Party Do’s and Dont’s

  • DO send out your invitation at least 3 weeks before the party to get a good idea of attendee numbers early.

  • DO consider contacting a local taxi firm to have drivers ready to collect guests throughout the evening. Or if you know a driver or two, get in touch with them sooner rather than later.

  • DON’T forget to let your guests know in the invitation if you have arranged local cabs to bring them home. Make it a no-brainer to join in on your party.

  • DO welcome your guests with a Christmas inspired drink on arrival. Who doesn’t like to start the party as soon as they walk in the door. With great deals on champagnes and wines throughout Christmas, its not difficult to save money on your favourite wines over Christmas.

  • DO book a trusted caterer or bar staff well in advance and avoid over-paying for food & services. The best deals can be done when there is time to shop around.

  • DO keep it simple in terms of decorations. Perhaps some lovely mood lighting, hanging mistletoe, black and gold pod tables along with beautiful candles is all you need.

  • DON’T rely on some poor unfortunate to look after the music and do the countdown. Get a professional DJ in to help you with the countdown if you have the space. Not only this, but they have ways of getting people up dancing!!
  • DO consider a hot buffet at around 10pm followed by a midnight snack of cheese & crackers, its always a welcome surprise and the New Year’s resolution doesn’t start until you wake up!!
  • DON’T rule out having a marquee in the garden this time of year. With the right amount of heating, a cosy atmosphere and comfortable seating, marquees can work all year around.
  • DO contemplate hiring in staff for the evening so you are not worrying about things on the night. Good waiting staff will take pressure off the host on the evening and let you properly enjoy your very last event for the year.

  • DON’T want to worry about the mess the following day? Let a small but professional team come in and tidy up while you lounge in your bed, finishing off the cheese & crackers, watching Gone with the Wind – the real New Years resolution starts on January 2nd!!

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