Corporate Summer Events

With over 14 years’ experience combined in organising corporate summer events, you could say that we know a thing or two about this subject and things to watch out for. We want to share our experience with you in hope that it helps create memories for you and your colleagues for all the right reasons… Being an event’s manager in Dublin, Ireland and France allows us the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with you in order to help and guide you through the obstacles of creating well organised events in the summer.

The Venue, Time & Date

Like all events, knowing the rough number of guests is crucial to choosing the right venue. Before you start the process of venue searching, you will need to know how many guests, what time the event will start and most importantly the date that you have decided on. Choosing a venue or space that can accommodate and cater (well) to the number of guests that you will have should be paramount in your decision making.

During summer months, even in Ireland, having an outdoor area is very important for any summer corporate event as this offers the flexibility of having the event outside. When the sun is shining, who wants to be stuck inside a room with no outdoor access? When choosing a venue with an outdoor area, make sure that it is equipped with a marquee or gazebos in the likelihood of a rain during the course of the event.

Even though smoking and smokers are few and far between these days, they always need to be factored in when choosing a venue. If you have an event of 100 guests but 20+ smoke, an easily accessed smoking area is important so you don’t miss 20% of your guests for the day/evening.


Corporate Summer Events Themes

Summer lends itself to more informal fun events as people tend to be in the mood to party. Choosing a theme can really set the tone from the get-go and create an atmosphere on arrival. For our summer corporate events, the most popular themes are the following:

  • Mardi Gras
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Mad Hatters
  • Tea Party
  • Casino Royal
  • Wimbledon/Pimms
  • 04th July
  • Body & Soul
  • Decks on the Beach

Once a theme has been picked, the rest of the event tends to fall into place such as the food, drinks to serve throughout the event, music and entertainment.

Happy Guests = Well organised Corporate Summer Events

Presumably you have done many events for your team before and you also know of any special requirements, such as, are there any guests with mobility issues? What, if any, are the dietary requirements or allergies when dining? Is the chosen venue suitable for where your guests live and is there a need to supply transport home due the finishing time of the event? Having these questions asked and answered before your event will really help the smooth running of the event and create less surprises on the day.

Corporate Summer Events Management

In order to carefully plan a corporate summer events, it is wise to use the resources of an event management company. By doing this, you will gain the experience of a team that will spot any problems before they happen, advise you on situations that could happen and most importantly, will always have a

plan B in place for any ‘what if’ situations. A reputable event management company will listen to your brief and requirements, date and time of event and find a suitable venue that ticks all of the boxes you need. By outsourcing this element of the corporate summer events to an event management company, you are putting your trust into a group of experts who will save you time and resources, share ideas and visions and give you that feeling that everything us under control without you needing to worry about it.

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