Corporate Christmas Parties & Events

The annual staff Christmas party is the event of the year that takes place for most companies, big, medium and small. This festive celebration is designed to get you and all your colleagues into the mood for the festivities, after a long and hopefully productive year.

As a company owner or director, it’s a wonderful way to show appreciation to your team for their hard work and determination throughout the year. A great way of rewarding them could be to create an awards ceremony where all guests walk away feeling appreciated and motivated for the year ahead.

A bespoke service

At The Party Professionals, we offer a bespoke service to create beautiful events including corporate Christmas parties and we can work with you side-by-side, seeing things run smoothly from conception through to execution. We will advise you and can foresee any issues, logistical or otherwise along the way.

We know that every business is different… different visions, different requirements and different budgets – so we take great pleasure in learning what you want your party to say about your business, before offering ideas and solutions in conveying this message.

Corporate Christmas party

Thinking about having your corporate Christmas party in the office? We have overseen many Christmas parties at company offices and headquarters in and around Dublin. We will be able to look at your office space through ‘event eyes’ and see it is possible to change the office into a fun space where guests will feel that they are in an event space and not the office that they spend most of their time in.

Creating an atmosphere that is different to the everyday atmosphere is paramount. You want to WOW your team from the moment they step into the room. Of course, we must look at the disruption to the daily routine that this may cause before weighing up if having the party at your office is going to work for you.

Maybe December isn’t the best time of the year to organise your Christmas party. Over the past 5 years, we have helped many companies organise their Christmas party in November, January and February.


Corporate Christmas
Party Ideas

  • Willy Wonka Chocolate Christmas

  • Narnia & Winter Wonderland

  • Festive Christmas Markets

  • Christmas Movies

  • Oscar Theme

  • Gala Dinner

  • Christmas Pub Crawl & Dinner

  • Santa’s Grotto & Traditional Christmas

  • Christmas Casino & Cocktails

  • Christmas Ceili

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