10 Tips for Planning your Summer Event or Party

Summer Event Tips

The Summer is always a wonderful time of year to throw a summer event to celebrate an occasion and let your hair down. The change in temperatures, longer evenings and overall better conditions urges you and your guests to really enjoy a relaxed and informal event. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden that lends itself to a marquee or a venue that has an outdoor, this really does make the occasion all that more special as it allows you and your guests to enjoy the summer air and temperatures and not to be so confined within the four walls of a house or venue. Here are some top tips to make it a summer event party to remember for all the right reasons and grab your guests on arrival with well thought out and imaginative ideas:


Food Suggestions & Drinks Ideas

Both venues and homes are always in need of some clever lighting and making your party inviting from the word go. The key in achieving this is with lighting. It doesn’t need to be dramatic using over the top colours but one must always envisage the event after the sun goes down and making sure that guests can still see their drinks and more importantly steps, stairs, grassy areas and furniture. The lighting, we believe should be subtle but always atmospheric. As you can imagine in the height of Summer, the evenings are longer so if you are planning on the event going over a 10 o’clock curfew, lighting is need both inside and outside. Festoon lights are a magical way to light a garden our outdoor space, check out our garden packages or ambiance for some inspiration:


Entertainment & Music

Summer events held outside tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere by nature. Casual menus are the most popular where people can serve themselves and if they want, go up for a round two! Lovely BBQ’s with or without a pig on a spit are the most popular during the summer months and Spanish Paella is the new trend that has also become popular in events for 60 + guests. Canapes such as mini burgers, fish and chips or mini bangers and mash are always welcomed by your guests on arrival along with a glass of prosecco or a well-dressed refreshing pimms on arrival. A great way to present the option of a beer is cleaning off your wheelbarrow, filling it with ice and placing an array of your favourite beers in it. Not only does this look the part, but it’s just a small cost for the ice and your mobile beer bar is ready to go!


There is nothing quite like arriving to a summer event or party, being handed a welcomed drink and having the soft sounds of cool and chilled music to relax your guests from the start. Some people like the idea of a live band to welcome their guests and some prefer to download their favourite tracks onto an ipod and of course having a DJ at your party really does help get your guests up and dancing later on in the evening. What is important in each case is that you start the event with some smooth background music and as the night progresses, so does the music and atmosphere.


Worried about the heating at your summer event? Unless you have a heated marquee, this can be something to consider. Gas heaters can be expensive so an alternative is having a supply of cute blankets which you can purchase in Ikea for as little as €3.00 each, not only the smaller cost associated but you have a supply of blankets for the next summer event party.


Never forget that the most important aspect of any event is having the right guests at your party. Making sure that the key people are available to help you in celebrating your event or party is central to the event. As soon as you know your event date, before invitations are even done, there is no harm in sending a save the date text or email, especially to the people that you really want to attend. If this is an outdoor event, then, its best to tell your guests so the ladies can consider this in their dress code and men know what is expected in terms of the menu!!